WHY DONATION?==Making Poor Children to lead their life in future in a better way so that country get developed in a better way.

A donation is not only monetary help it’s all about support in the form of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE. We are always welcome people who are willing to help and support in any format.

Till now we have opened 400 swaero circles and running excellent every day, there are great people supporting these 400 swaero circles in the way whatever they can do. Somebody sponsored white or blackboards and chalks, somebody sponsored premises to run circle and somebody sponsored Mike set for children to use everyday activities.


If you are willing to sponsor for swaero circles you can do following also.

  1. White or blackboards
  2. Chalk pieces
  3. Notebooks
  4. Any magazines or knowledge oriented books etc
  5. Furniture for students to use in the swaero circle like chairs, water dispensers, lights, fans etc.
  6. Any play toys for toddling children at swaero circles or any kind of puzzle game items for improving students thinking ability.
  7. You can donate the monetary amount for arranging any of the above using our DONATIONS option.

When you donate amount we will issue a donation certificate as well.

Your small help may change many people future and that will lead to country development.

Please support Swaero Circles and help in Nation Building better way.

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