Swaero Circle Society is the most effective and useful project for poor children in the villages and city basthis, Swaero Circle is derived from Swaeroes International parent organisation to focus on circle expansion and spreading the ideology of Ambedkar to provide free education to all needy people of rural areas and slums in cities.

Swaero Circle Society is the non-profit self organised and self-maintained organisation which is serving below poverty and middle-class family’s students to control and avoid the discontinuity in their education of poor children.

As Dr.B.R.Ambedkar said we need to serve the society in terms of Talent, Time, Treasure we all swaeroes are following the same lines and spending Time, Talent and Treasure to maintain the swaero circles.

Proud to say that we have very committed and ideology people who really sacrificing they time talent and treasure for better improvement of the community.

We must mention our beloved Chairmen and Founder of Swaeroes International Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar IPS is the backbone for this project and his vision and mission of eradicating illiteracy from marginalised families make us always motivate and encourage to work more and more for the improvement of the community.


Swaero Circle Society is a Centre of Wisdom Education focused on “Empowering Low-Income Rural/Urban Students and communities in India with objective of providing quality Tutoring, Training, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching, in the areas of ‘ACADEMICS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, APPLIED MORAL SCIENCE with SWAERO IDEOLOGY, ARTS & CULTURE and ENTREPRENEURSHIP, thus help students and communities actualize, maximize their potential to excel in academics, career, and life for a better nation”.


From the ages, few communities are oppressed by not getting proper support in education and healthy life, we are trying to gather poor children into one place every day at Swaero Circle and teach them all basic emerging subjects and provide physical fitness courses to improve their health and education so that they can become strong in their life’s to lead result oriented life which will help to country development.

Our Motive is Baba Saheb slogan Pay Back To Society In Terms of Time, Talent, Treasure to develop the community so that the country will get developed.


Swaero Circle Society team is highly professional and committed towards the community development and empowerment. Everybody in this team is from the same background where they came from and we all are inspired by Mahatma Jyothibha Pule, Dr.B.R Ambedkar ideology based Swaeroes International Ideology and Our mentor, guide, inspiration is Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar IPS.

DR. RS Praveen Kumar IPS

Founder & Chairmen -Swaeroes International


Vijay Kumar Kandikanti, State President


Arekanti Mallaiah, State General Secretary



Shyam Rao Jade, State Vice President




Kalpana Vara, State Vice President

Manda Shyam, State Joint Secretary

Gaddala Naresh, State Joint Secretary

Dr. D. Harsha Vardhan, State Joint Secretary

Thimmani Girish, Treasurer

N.S Udhay,


Borra Deevena,

Executive member


Executive member

Bachamgari Naresh,

Executive member



Udhay Bhaskar


Mukurala Srihari